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For over 30 years we've provided DOD agencies with the very best food service management.

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At Food Services Inc. of Gainesville, our highly recommended 100-contract success record has made us one of the most qualified firms in the military dining industry. Everything is proudly achieved by mentoring licensed blind vendors to manage each contract exceptionally and independently. It's our added dedication to our vendors becoming entrepreneurs, and mentors themselves, that makes us unique amongst our peers.
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How we WORK

Since 1981, we've made our rates fair, reasonable and of course competitive. Whether it's a current contract or a potential one we consider this a principle.
  • Our teams always come with the finest technical skill in the industry

  • Our contract history remains spotless

  • We understand that changes need to happen and provide our full flexibility in meeting them

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Licensed Blind Vendors EXCEL
  • We mentor licensed blind vendors to operate and manage each contract on their own, with precision

  • We provide all equipment, supplies and capital needed for the job

  • We also assume all financial risk with every partner
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When you select us as your partner, you have the esteemed testaments to our superior quality of service at your side.

We're always proud of our excellent references and the many prestigious honors we've received. But it's the awards that we'll strive for tomorrow that will prove our dedication to being the best in the industry.

Badges of Honor

Trophies and awards.

John L. Hennessy Award, 6-time winner | Philip A. Connelly Award, 2-time winner | Edward F. Ney Award, 3-time winner

Contact INFO

621 Washington Street, Suite 7A
Gainesville, GA 30501

Tel: 770-535-8865
Fax: 770-532-7627
E-mail: contact@fsigonline.com
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